Reikiatsu Certification Process Procedure

After having received many requests for a distance certification process I have produced a 21 page open book questionnaire.

This study and question format will fascilitate an understanding that will allow Reiki Masters to teach their students Reikiatsu and Reiki practitioners to offer Reikiatsu sessions with a level of confidence.

1)  You will, of course, require a copy of my book to begin.

It is available at 

For those of you in the UK and Europe you can purchase it here​ It is also available at any Amazon worldwide.

2) Please submit a copy of your current Reiki Certification, proof of purchase of the above Reikatsu manual, and a request for Reikiatsu Certification by email to

3)  Send payment of $44 to

4)  You will then receive a response email with your 21 page Certification Exam in fillable pdf format.


5)  Once the questions have all been answered  send it back as an attachment to the above email.

6)  A successful response of 80% is required to receive your Reikiatsu Certificate.

Thank you and enjoy your journey!