Hand carved and polished Serpentinite Talisman

Raw stone on back

Intuitively wrapped in 925 Sterling Silver by Deb-Aurah Aranu

Total length 1.75 inches 

Comes with a silver chain

Serpentinite "Ancient Flow" Talisman

  • Natural local treasures series: This delightful piece of Serpentinite was locally mined in Quebec. It has been hand polished on one side, by Deb-Aurah, to bring out its exquisite grain. This piece was then intuitively wrapped by her in Sterling Silver just for you.


    The magic of serpentinite: Olivine, peridotite, magnesite, pyrite and chlorite, are some of the igneous rocks that are blended in serpentinite that create the beautiful colours.


    Serpentinite is a wonderful healing stone. It helps to clear out and release the dense areas of all chakras so that “healing” can occur. It will help with “healing” on all levels.Serpentinite is also a stone of kundalini awakening.


    Serpentinite is also a stone of regeneration and embued with the ancient healing wisdom of snakes found in Native American animal spirit medicine.