Peruvian Parrot Wing Chrysocolla Talisman

Intuitively wrapped in 925 Sterling Silver by Anael (Paul N. Beshara)

Total length 3 inches

Peruvian Parrot Wing Chrysocolla Talisman

  • This lovely stone direct from Peru is called Parrot Wing Chrysocolla. Chrysocolla is known as a teaching stone. It encourages us to share our wisdom with others. This may be simply speaking from the heart to a friend, or offering insights as a teacher.


    Chrysocolla teaches us the power of choosing our words wisely with knowledge of their impact upon the world.


    Chrysocolla is a stone of wise women everywhere. It helps women to express their knowledge and experience through writing, painting, music, crafts or acting.


    This gorgeous piece will also comfort you if you find yourself living alone as it carries with it the vibration of caring wisdom.