Bumblebee Jasper Talisman

Uniquely and intuitively wrapped in 925 Sterling Silver by Anaël (Paul N. Beshara)
2.75 inches total length

Comes with a silver chain

Bumblebee Jasper Motivator Talisman

  • Bumblebee Jasper vibrates with both the sacral and solar plexus chakras to give you a real zest for life.

    Connecting with its energy helps you embrace a more positive disposition and have confidence in all that you are doing.

    Bumblebee jasper assists in removing any blocked energy within these chakras to bring forth your creative talents and increase your motivation and willpower.

    It helps you to manifest your highest good.

    Bumblebee Jasper reminds you to reach for the stars because the only limits are the ones you place upon yourself.