Stunning Blue/Gold Galactic Flash Pendant
3 inches total length
Uniquely and intuitively wrapped in 925 Sterling Silver by Anaël (Paul N. Beshara)


Galactic Shaman Labradorite Power Stone

  • The aboriginal people say that Labradorite fell from the frozen fire of the Aurora Borealis. This mystical stone transforms to the extraordinary,  shimmering with a mystical light that separates the waking world from unseen realms.


    It is a Stone of Magic. It is a gemstome for shamans, diviners, healers, and all lightworkers who travel and embrace the universe seeking knowledge and guidance.


    For self-discovery, it is excellent in bringing awareness of your own inner spirit, intuition and psychic abilities.


    Labradorite is also a powerful protector stone.  It creates a shielding force throughout the aura and strengthens high vibrational energies from within. It also protects against the negativity and misfortunes of this world. 

    As a shamanic talisman it provides safe exploration into alternate levels of consciousness. It is a powerful tool in facilitating visionary experiences from the past or the future.