Our Story

Paul’s spiritual journey took him through many disciplines before becoming self-realized. Most notably, he had been an Addictions Program Director, Othotherapist, Reiki Master and the publisher of Natural Presence magazine. He is a metaphysical and visionary artist as well.

After years of spiritual growth and introspection, he was able to let go of the limited perspectives that he was raised with and had adopted. This allowed him to become open to receiving spiritually guided messages and direction. Following this direction with complete trust led him to a place where in 2010 he received the spiritual name Anaël from the Teachers of Light. He shared this name with a few friends and posted a few insights on Facebook under that name in 2011. He hesitated to use the name on a public basis as he was still unsure of its meaning and purpose.

After receiving clear guidance from the Teachers of Light he began to put together an Ascension Manual called Andromedan Lightwork. This manual consisted of a few channelled messages and multidimensional perspectives on the nature of creation as the expression of Source. Its intention was to guide seekers to go within and awaken their authentic self.

He was a little confused that no modality was being given him as a way to share this methodology in a hands on way.

In 2014, through mutual friends,he was introduced to Deb-Aurah, and found that they shared many things in common. In spite of that, he was not initially guided to enter into a relationship with her. For the first time in his life he was happy to be alone and felt no need of a relationship to complete him. He had discovered that in balancing the masculine and feminine energies within himself he had become free of dependency.

Seven months after their initial meeting, Paul felt guided to ask Deb-Aurah to accompany him to an artistic function. Strangely enough, he didn’t follow through and it wasn’t until the day before the function that he met her by chance in a Bookstore Cafe. Deb-Aurah had been directed to go into town that day for no apparent reason.

Deb-Aurah, not sure of why she was in town, was simply window shopping. She saw a dress in a shop window and felt compelled to go in and try it on. She did so, and not really understanding why she ended up buying the dress. She then went into the Bookstore Cafe next door and was looking at books when she heard Paul’s voice. She went over to say “Hi,” and was greeted by:

“Hi! I was just thinking about you. Would you like to go with me to my niece’s photography exhibit at my daughter’s art studio?”

Deb-Aurah laughed and said, “I would love to. Now I know why I bought this dress!”

Needless to say the night was a success and the two have never questioned their coming together. It was divinely orchestrated in every detail.

A few weeks later, Paul share a strange dream with Deb-Aurah that he had shortly before he met her. He had, in the dream, found himself talking to a woman on the planet Venus. He told her the woman’s eyes somehow reminded him of her. Deb-Aurah then shared that she had a connection to Venus as well. In 2009, a friend of hers, in Scotland, had given her a channelled message which he had another friend write down.

A few days later, Deb-Aurah, brought up the channelling on her laptop to show Paul. As she was scrolling down to the part she thought pertinent… Paul became quite excited and said… “Go back to the top! Go back to the top!”

Not knowing why, Deb-Aurah scrolled back up to the top, where it was addressed: “To Anael and Araznu… .” It described in detail their role as principle angels of the third heaven (Venus) and that they were to be involved in “teaching and creativity”.

Remember, this channelling was given in 2009 and Paul had not received his spiritual name until 2010 and was no longer using it.  This was complete confirmation of their coming together as being divinely guided and ordered.

Only after Paul shared his Andromedan Lightwork ascension program with Deb-Aurah, did it dawn on them that G.I.F.T. which had been given to Deb-Aurah, was the modality which completely complemented the ascension lightwork in the manual. Not only that, the Divine Activator Codes and Light Language Glyphs, that Deb-Aurah was receiving, would become an essential part of the program as well.


So there you have our remarkable story...

One that has us grateful every day and fills us with joy to share it with you.