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Golden Infinity Flow Technique (G.I.F.T) Readings


A 3 code reading drawn from 88 Divine Activator Codes or 33 Keys of Ascension set.


An email containing an interpretation and intuitive message from the codes chosen specifically for you.

- A Lightbody activation through the light language glyphs and images. 

- A Crystal drawn from over 100 crystals, with specific information to assist you on your spiritual journey.




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Golden Infinity Flow Technique (G.I.F.T) reading and crystal grid session.


- 5 code reading drawn fro 88 Divine Activator Codes or Keys of Ascension set. 

- 5 light language glyphs containing activation, alignment and attunements.

- A crystal grid reading. A Crystal Grid created to assist you upon your spiritual journey. 

(You will receive a email containing an intuitive reading of the 5 codes, and digital images of the codes, glyphs and of the crystal grid).



Divine Activator Code & Skype Session

You will receive a personal Divine Activator Code & Glyph.

Spiritual Guidance with Code Reading

Activations, Alignments and Attunements in Light Language

These unique and personal codes are created by Araznu specifically for you and your energetic frequency. 

Each person can perceive the Code’s information at their own stage of development and the high frequency codes can assist in up-levelling their Lightbody. 

It is in raising one’s frequency that stuck or blocked energies and their lessons can be recognized and released.

To book an appointment order your personal Divine Activator Code & Skype Session today. Deb- Aurah will contact you within 24 hours to set date and time.

The Code you will receive comes as a High Resolution downloadable jpeg 7”x 7” 



Divine Activator Code sample 2
What are the Divine Activator Codes?

Personal Soul Images


Would you enjoy gazing into an image and feeling relaxed, at peace, and blissful? 

Your Soul will recognize the image before you as a reflection of your unique frequency.


The Soul Image is created whilst Deb~Aurah tunes into your unique frequency and creates an image for you to reflect upon.


This reading contains your Soul Image, and a compact written note, of what Deb~Aurah perceives the colours and patterns in your image symbolize.


You will also receive a personal hand, drawn light language glyph. The light language glyph represents a symbol of your frequency, your unique note in the music of the Universe.


As well mp3 with instructions, with spoken light language activation.


These images shift as your soul evolves into higher vibrations and integrations. You are constantly embodying higher and higher frequencies as we travel on this amazing journey. 



Soul Image example