Keys of Ascension deck of 33 Codes and Book now available Intuitively created by Deb-Aurah Araznu

Introduction to The Keys of Ascension:  These are Healing, activation, alignment and attunement images.

These codes flow from the template level, or blueprint level of higher consciousness. The codes then filter down through the unconscious and subconscious levels into your brain, the receiver, and it perceives the information that is delivered. These codes raise your frequency to levels where any "stuck" energy or blockages can no longer hide, they shake loose ready to be acknowledged and released.

Understandings and development of these images:


From 2009-2014 these codes have been an evolving creative project for Deb-Aurah. With each new understanding came another aspect for the completed set. There are 33 images in this initial collection. The creation of these images was assisted, and inspired by beings of the light and Divine alignment, as well as several multi-dimensional councils of light. These councils include Pleiadian's, Arcturian's, Sirian's and Andromedan's, along with Angels, Archangels, Ascended Masters, Ancients and Elementals.

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