Golden Infinity Flow Technique Practitioner Program

(Two day 16 hour intensive)

Day One 


● Messages from the Teachers of Light - Channelled messages on who you are, and why you are here.

● Introduction to Andromedan Lightwork and the Golden Infinity Flow Technique -

Moving past the limited notions of self and embracing all that you are through the wisdom of the Teachers of Light.


● Shifting your Perspective and Embracing the New Paradigm - In this program, you will be able to work through your stuck points. We will look at and compare 3D and higher dimensional perspectives and their effect on your experiences. You will work through 12 Powerful Affirmations which will facilitate your
shift to higher dimensional perspectives and transform all areas of your life.


● Chakras: Tones, Musical Notes, Colours and Crystal frequency - Learn the basics of the Chakra system and utilize crystals, colour and sound to raise your vibratory experience. In this section, you will learn vocal toning of the various chakras so that you can both clear them and activate them.


● Receive a full Lightbody Audio-Visual Ascension Activation and begin to work with your 7 Divine Activator Codes (Chakra set). You will be able to choose to awaken the higher dimensional self by using the Codes, Affirmations, and Light Language Glyphs. Through intention, you will be able to shift your energies to higher dimensional experiences.


● The Chakras and Lightbody from an Andromedan Lightwork perspective - Your Crystalline Chakra Centres, awakening your vibrational energies to the higher dimensional realities. Working with your Andromedan Lightwork Crystalline Chakra Code Set and their profound affirmations you will begin to awaken your higher energy centres.


● Introduction to crystals: - Using them intuitively and crystal gridwork - Connecting with your crystals- Exploring Crystal Grids

● Ascension-What is it?

● Learn the Benefits of Ascension and how setting intentions using the Law of Attraction can assist you in creating the changes you want to see, both for yourself and all of creation.


● You will receive a Law of Attraction guided visualization mp3 created by Anaël to assist you with this process.

● Ascension Symptoms -You will take a look at a wide spectrum of what is sometimes called Ascension Symptoms, which are the physical effects of raising your frequency during the transitional period from 3D to Higher Dimensional living. You will also be given advice as to how to care for your body as it makes the Shift to Luminosity.

● Higher Dimensional Living- Discover the importance of Simple Practices that you can follow as you emerge from the shadows as a Luminous Being. You will take a deeper look at Higher Dimensional Frequencies, and the Spectrum of Divine Expression that is a basis of your Lightbody’s Radiance.

The Luminous Body Meditation- You will be instructed on how to practice this simple but practical meditation that will send the Golden Light of Source through every part of your being.

● Understanding Higher Dimensional Frequencies - Awaken to frequencies beyond your current 3D experience and learn how to receive and transmit these energies. Understand about your Lightbody and its multi-dimensional layers. You will learn to envision Higher Dimensional Experiences on the Earth plane, and their positive impact on all aspects of your life.


Awakening through Sound - Discover and experience the profound effects of a wide range of frequencies, as a means of inducing higher states of consciousness. Experiment playfully with Gongs, Tibetan bowls, crystal bowls, tuning forks, natural sounds, etc., etc..

● Lightbody Grounding and Anchoring - Learn grounding techniques as well as experience a powerful audio-visual Andromedan Lightwork Anchoring video, to keep you balanced as you expand your consciousness and integrate higher dimensional frequencies.

Day one includes:
▪ Vegetarian lunch
▪ Set of 7 Divine Activator Codes (Chakra Set),
▪ Set of 8 Crystalline Chakra Code set.
▪ Comprehensive Full Colour Manual.

Day 2

● Guidance on Creating Your Sacred Space & Inter-dimensional Portal

● Setting up your table or chair for G.I.F.T. Sessions: - Arranging Crystal Grids for G.I.F.T. Sessions.

● G.I.F.T. Tools: -
      ● Working with The Chakra Set of Divine Activator Codes
      ● The Crystalline Energy Centre Codes
      ● The 33 Keys of Ascension Code Set
      ● Understanding the 33 Keys of Ascension Codes.

● Instructions and demonstrations for G.I.F.T. Sessions:
      ● Preparation, Consultation,
      ● Sessions, Grid Activations.
      ● Activation of the Three-Fold Flame,
      ● Using the 33 Keys of Ascension Codes for alignment, Attunement, Activation, and Acceleration
         of the Lightbody.

● Demonstrations on the use of the Pyramid of the Violet Ray and the Pyramid of Liquid Crystal

● Crystalline Chakra Sessions 1 & 2 - Lightbody Torus Field

● Practice of the Golden Infinity Flow Technique

● Individual G.I.F.T. Attunement 
● Includes your own unique Divine Activator Code & Light Language Glyph

Golden Infinity Flow Technique Practitioner Program includes:
● Vegetarian lunch,
● Set of 33 Keys of Ascension Codes
● Golden Infinity Flow Technique  Practitioner (G.I.F.T) Certificate, which provides full
certification to practice the Golden Infinity Flow Technique upon completion of required practice sessions

Total investment: $555

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