Golden Infinity Flow Technique G.I.F.T.

Araznu offering G.I.F.T. sessions

G.I.F.T is the transmission of higher dimensional frequencies that are downloaded and shared with intention. This intention is aligned with the Divine Will and is in keeping with the highest good of all.

The transmission of these energies connect the recipient with an unlimited source of divine love, power and abundance. This will shift all energies that are not in accord with the highest good of all, and transmute them into light. This light is vibrating at a frequency that allows only goodness, health, and well being to thrive in its presence.​

The Teachers of Light that inspired this technique, speak of Alignments, Attunements, Activations and Accelerations, and we wish to share with you the meanings of those terms.



Alignments: Within the human experience we learn what it is to be out of alignment. Through stress, fear, illness, shame, blame, anger, etc., we come to understand that while these experiences are filled with emotions, these vibrations are not necessarily the ones we would choose.When we set out on our spiritual quest, we begin to seek out higher vibratory experiences such as meditation, yoga, etc., to bring us to a place of relaxation, stillness, and peace. It is during these moments that we experience a profound connection to our higher consciousness, that may be called by many names. This is the experience of Divine Alignment. It is in those moments that we feel totally at peace.


Attunements: All of life is experienced as a wide range of frequencies. It may be understood as the spectrum of experience. When we speak of Attunement, we are talking about tuning in to that range of higher frequencies that are in harmony with your highest and greatest good. There are various methods that may assist you in tuning into the spirit of love, kindness, abundance, goodness and well being.In some modalities, it may be as simple as the master’s presence. In others, special practices, codes, words, or symbols may facilitate the attunement. Regardless of the method, Attunement will bring your consciousness to a state where you will be inspired to integrate higher vibratory experiences into your daily life.


Activations: In the old paradigm, or 3D experience, many of your spiritual gifts lay dormant. When you step onto the path of enlightenment, you will be guided to people, places or things that can activate, or act as a catalyst, so that you may express your full potential. These activations may include bringing to life; dormant DNA, your crystalline chakras, new visions, creativity, a change in lifestyle and diet, etc..Through Divine Activations it may be that old relationships, habits, addictions or jobs that no longer serve your highest good, fall away.


Accelerations: To understand accelerations, you simply have to recall how time seems to be speeding up. Things you thought were stable yesterday, are a thing of the past. The intensity of incoming galactic frequencies is felt by all but understood by few. The earth itself is shifting and responding to these accelerated frequencies. Together we are evolving and expanding, as we integrate the new paradigm.Accelerations will be felt in waves. The intensity is followed by energetic plateaus that will allow for integration of these higher frequencies. Accelerations may also be experienced through other means than the incoming frequencies. A message, insight, or awareness may come from a teacher or experience, that raises your vibratory rate above your normal frequency. When this happens it is advisable to, once again, allow yourself to integrate this awareness. Before long, this higher frequency will become your normal state of being.


G.I.F.T. Sessions are offered over a crystal grid which is an integral part of the technique. Crystal frequencies enhance the transmissions of Light and assist in the Alignments, Attunements, Activations, and Accelerations.Deb-Aurah Araznu offers in-person G.I.F.T sessions in her sacred space at Stargate 137 Studio & Gallery in Maberly, Ontario, Canada.


Golden Infinity Flow Technique (G.I.F.T.) sessions include:

● Activations, Alignments, Attunements, and Accelerations are given over a grid of more than 200 crystals set under the table.

● Transmissions of light language

● Divine Activator Codes 

● Tibetan and crystal bowls, as well as Tuning forks, may also be utilized during the session. 


These powerful sessions are to assist you in raising your vibrational frequency to facilitate up-levelling and releases of all that no longer serves.


1 hr. $99 sessions are available


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