Deb-Aurah is a world-recognized metaphysical artist whose images and paintings flow with transmissions of high-frequency activations.



Utilizing skills in painting, drawing, digital media, music, and video production, Deb-Aurah reached a world audience by sharing her gifts through her then website  She also was a regular contributor to holistic magazines such as OM Times.



Deb-Aurah also spent many years in the holistic and healing fields, yet now finds herself evolving to a new level of experience.



Through higher guidance, Deb-Aurah received her spiritual name “Araznu” and developed a new technique for raising one’s frequency. This technique utilizes a combination of imagery, Divine energy flow, sound, light language and crystal frequencies. This modality started to come through to her in 2008 as a series of images and channelled information. She followed guidance from the multi-dimensional council of light and allowing the flow of synchronicities, the Golden Infinity Flow Technique (G.I.F.T.) was created.



G.I.F.T is a technique to assist in raising one’s frequency through alignments, attunements, activations, and acceleration.


GIFT’S purpose is to assist your Lightbody to vibrate at higher frequencies and to be an anchor for the highest of vibrations.


G.I.F.T sessions are performed whilst the client is lying on a table above a crystal grid.


Coded images are placed within the grid and a series of activations, alignments, attunements, and accelerations are intended for the client, as Deb-Aurah, (or a certified G.I.F.T. Practitioner) flows with Divine energy and the Multi-dimensional Council of Light.

Deb-Aurah Araznu

Deb-Aurah Araznu