Crystal Grid Workshops

These workshops explore crystal grids in a very dynamic and fun way.


You will find making a grid with crystals is a powerful way to display and enjoy your crystals.

There are many crystals attributed to specific energetic properties. These can be used to enhance your intention for the grid. 


In the Elemental Wisdom Crystal Grid Workshop you will:


- Learn how to connect with crystals.

- How to utilize the energy of crystals to raise your Lightbody frequency.

- How to create crystal grids with intention and intuition.

- Participate in creating a Master Grid and connect with its energy while lying within it.

- Create a personal grid using your intuition and inner guidance.

- Receive an Intuitive Reading of your personal grid.


To find out more about the scheduled dates of these 3-hour workshops please contact


Cost for 3-hour workshop - $40 

If you have a group of 8-10 interested persons, please contact Deb-Aurah for group package info.


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